Adkratsubsr Emergency Fans Save Energy

 Here is a newest product with advance technology is emergency fans made by Adkratsubsr Technology. Most of the people know about the emergency fans which helps us in the time of power cut. In the summer time when there hot air blows we need to stay in our room & want to stay cool with cool water & air. But In our country power cuts maximum time in the time of summer. So only emergency fans are the way of relief. Remembering this there are many emergency fans in our market. But adkratsubsr emergency fans are different from all. This is presented with more features as search light & FM radio receiver.

 Adkratsubsr emergency fans are having FM receiver & search light. Also it has a capacity to expand power storage capacity. You can add one more external battery to store more power in it. The fan speed is also adjustable here. There are 3 steps to adjust your fan speed. The battery will run till 6 hours (if single battery). Also this has a overcharge protection which will save overcharge related damages.

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