Adkratsubsr Marketed A New USB Flash Drive 2.0 Hi-Speed

 Now a days we all know about flash drive or pen drive. This is a common thing which we need everyday generally. We use it for transferring any data or pictures or films etc. This device helps us to transfer data or pictures or films from a computer or laptop to another computer or laptop. Adkratsubsr gave their touch here also to improve this necessary electronic good.

  IBM launched first flash drive in North America named "DiskOnKey" in the year 2000. Then it was not so updated od had no much space to keep data or other things. It had only a storage capacity of 8 MB then. But in that time it was not too little space, it was more than five times than common floppy disks. But now we can see flash drives carrying more than 8GB capacity.

  Adkratsubsr just launched a flash drive looks like a key which is silver colored metallic body.It's size is 57 x 24 x 3mm / 2.24 x 0.94 x 0.12inch & 10 grms in weight. It requires DC 5V ± 5% power. It is very high speed & virus free flash drive. Very attractive to see & more portable where common flash drives are having weight 25-30 grms. Also with this Adkratsubsr launched an another flash drive which will display free spaces & used spaces in it. Very attractive to see & vary fast to work. Both flash drives are available till 64GB of memory.

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