New Adkratsubsr Laser Security System

 A laser system is a system which is used to flow laser energy at it's target. This system contains a laser wave crater & some electronics components which will have auto sensibility when the straight line cuts.

 Using this technology adkratsubsr has invented a Laser Security System which is more powerful than other security systems. Most home laser security systems have two parts. 1. the main controlling unit & the 2. infrared motion detector. But adkratsubsr technology will have three parts of the security system. The 1st unit is Main Processing Unit which will control all the directions & alarms. 2nd is the Infrared motion detector which will generate the laser ray. 3rd is the remote control system.

 So, adkratsubsr technology is more advance then others. This will save time to operate the security system. System operators will have no need to go near the system. They can operate the system & can ON/OFF the laser rays remotely.

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